Taking on Apartment Therapy’s January Cure in February

A lot of us take great care of our physical wellbeing by going to the gym at least four times a week and eating clean, wholesome foods. But sometimes, what could actually use a bit of TLC is our physical environment or surroundings. By that I mean our apartments, our abodes, that place we call “home.”

Apartment Therapy posted a “January Cure” series earlier this year to encourage us to take a little time in January to assess our homes and figure out ways to clear up, refresh, and liven up our living space. I only discovered this January Cure series earlier this month, so I decided to take on a January February cure for my apartment. Mainly, I wanted to avoid this:

Someecards Cleaning Card


The very first assignment is to create a project list, essentially a list of things around the house that needs to be addressed or fixed. Go around your house or apartment, room by room, and make note of everything that needs attention (e.g., rearranging shoes by the front door, clearing up the bookshelf). All you need to do on the first day is to make a list. That’s it. More importantly, DO NOT attempt to fix anything in the apartment as you go along because this will simply distract you from the ultimate goal: creating a master project list.

I won’t bore you with the details about what’s on my February cure list, but one major task is to hang this up in my bedroom:

Cherry Blossoms in DC

That’s a canvas print of my photo of cherry blossoms in full bloom, taken when I still lived in DC. This canvas has been lying on the floor in my apartment for weeks now, and I still haven’t put it up yet! Must get this done by the end of the week!

Q: Are there any things in your home that needs some TLC (not the awesome 90s girl-group who sang “No Scrubs”)? 


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