Friday Bits – Podcasts I’m Listening To

Friday Bits: Podcasts You May Not Have Heard Of But Are Worth Listening To

I enjoy listening to podcasts all the time. I know that a lot of us are quite familiar with the big ones: This American LifeFresh AirWait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me, the list goes on. Well, there are a couple that I love and are worth adding to your list of podcasts. Give them a chance if you are thinking of adding some variety to your podcast queue.

1.  Stuff You Missed In History

A great podcast about random things we did not learn in history class. I fell in love with this podcast when I heard their episode on Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Long Winter. The topics they cover are incredibly diverse. Recent topics include Giacomo Casanova, Rosa Parks, and the Boston Massacre.

2.  The Dinner Party Download

This show has a little bit of everything: icebreaker jokes, trivia, celebrity interviews, book reviews, and a history lesson with cocktails. In fact, I learned through this show that hundreds of Japanese children became ill after watching a particular episode of Pokemon.

3.  The Graham Norton Show on BBC Radio

I watch British television all the time, and one of my favorite shows is a celebrity chat show called The Graham Norton Show. In my humble opinion, Norton has nailed the art of celebrity interviews. Unlike his TV show, where he interviews higher profile celebrities, his radio show features one-on-one interviews British celebrities that are less recognized in the U.S. Even though I don’t know most of his guests, I still enjoy his interview style and never miss this weekly show.


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