12-Minute Total Body Tabata

I go to a boot camp class every Wednesday, and on one of the days, we did a 12-minute total body tabata series as a warm up for the class. I was huffing and puffing by the end of it, which is a sign that it is a good workout. This is a great short workout to pair with any other strength training or cardio session.

12-Minute Total Body Tabata

Equipment Required: one pair of dumbells. Don’t worry if you don’t have dumbells. Just perform 5 push ups instead of the overhead shoulder presses.

This is how the circuit works. In one minute, complete 5 overhead shoulder presses, 5 push-up burpees, and 5 jump squat knee tucks. Any remaining time that you have left over in that minute is your rest. In other words, if you finish the three moves in 30 seconds, you get a 30-second break. It sounds easy, but believe me, by the 7th circuit, you’re going to start feeling the fatigue.

In our class, we only had to do squat jumps as the last move. I decided to amp it up a bit and add a knee tuck to the squat jump. Let me know if you try this!


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