Thinking About Running a Half Marathon

Actually, before I start talking about running, let me digress about something else. I submit my recipes often to Potluck at Oh My Veggies and recently submitted one for my chocolate overnight oats and strawberries. Well, it was selected as part of this week’s Saturday Six of the Oh My Veggies food blog!!

Oh My Veggies Saturday Six Roundup

As a new blogger, that was an awesome achievement for me! Seriously, I could not contain my excitement all day yesterday.

Ok, back to the half marathon…

I follow a ton of healthy living/food bloggers, and one of my favorites is Nutritionella. Recently, Elle (author of the blog) wrote a post about signing up for a full marathon with the San Francisco Marathon, and it got me thinking…maybe I should do that too! Ok, not the full marathon but the half.

Running a half marathon has definitely been an item on my bucket list. I have several friends who run half marathons all the time, and I’ve always admired them for their will power and stamina. Then I thought, well why can’t I do it as well?

  • Reason #1: I can’t run too fast.
  • Reason #2: I have never, ever, run any distance over 6 miles before.
  • Reason #3: I don’t know if I will get tired of running during my training.
  • Reason #4: What if I can’t find enough music to get me through the half marathon?
  • Reason #5: What if I get injured before the actual event?

As I started to think of more excuses for why I shouldn’t sign up for a race, I started to realize how pointless they were. What better way is there to celebrate my health than to try to accomplish an amazing physical feat? So, I’m going to do this! I haven’t actually signed up for any race yet, mind you. I want to do more research about the different races in the area before I commit to one.

If anyone knows of any great half marathons around California, please let me know! Also, because I am a novice runner, any tips about how to train properly or how to stay motivated and sane during this process would be much appreciated!




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