Five-Ingredient Fridays: Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse

Hi everyone! I am glad to announce that I am going to start a Five-Ingredient Fridays series on my blog! The focus is simplicity and ease. I understand that some of the recipes on my blog are a bit complicated, so I want to come up with recipes that everyone will find easy to make. I can’t promise that I will come up with a post for this series every Friday, but I aim to do one at least a post every few weeks!

For my inaugural post, I want to share a dessert recipe that I have been LOVING lately: vegan mango pineapple mousse! What is the secret to making this mousse vegan? Silken tofu!! Some of you might remember the savory 10-minute tofu appetizer that I made several weeks ago. Well, I wanted to highlight the versatility of silken tofu by making a sweet treat out of it. The mousse is delicious and incredibly light and goes great with any toppings!

Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse

Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse
Makes About 4-5 Cups
Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cooking Time: None


    • 1 14-ounce package of silken or soft tofu
    • 2 cups frozen mango, thawed
    • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple, thawed
    • 1 1/2 TBS maple syrup (add more if necessary)
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


    1. Drain the water in the tofu package and give the tofu a quick rinse.
    2. Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix until everything is well incorporated.
    3. Pour the mousse in a bowl and serve with your favorite toppings!

Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse | Healthy Nibbles & Bits


    • If you want a colder treat, blend in the frozen fruit without thawing it.
    • I ate the mousse with sliced strawberries, almonds, cacao nibs, and coconut. Feel free to add your favorite toppings and let me know what combinations you use!

Vegan Mango Pineapple Mousse | Healthy Nibbles & Bits

Q: Are there any dishes you like to see in my next Five-Ingredient Fridays post?


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